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The Cameroon Crystallography Association and the University of Dschang, invite you to participate to the First Pan African Conference on Crystallography (PCCr1) from 6th to 10th October 2016 in the city of Dschang, Cameroon. The conference is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon and the subject is “Crystallography for Sustainable development in Africa”. About 300 people from around the world are expected.

A cutting edge program of this great conference involves:

  • Two plenary sessions of Profs. Gautam DESIRAJU (India) and Ron LIFSHITZ (Israel),
  • Keynotes of eminent crystallographers,
  • Lectures and posters sessions,
  • Two round tables devoted to “Crystallography as vehicle to promote Science in Africa and beyond” and to “Equipments for African crystallography laboratories”.

The topics of the conference are organized around seven microsymposia:

  • Inorganic Materials and Mining Industry,
  • Inorganic Materials and Industry Minerals,
  • Crystal engineering and structural chemistry: function through design (2 sessions),
  • Crystallography data bases,
  • Crystallography for life sciences,
  • Large Facilities for emerging countries.

The program also includes exhibitions, workshop on the CCDC softwares and two social activities in the western region of Cameroon.

The conference aims at bringing together African crystallographers, mineralogists, solid state and structural scientists to increase the awareness for crystallography and improve the educational opportunities for African researchers and students of all levels. The variety of activities will provide opportunities to engage with (i) the scientific community, from expert crystallographers to young researchers and students of all ages, (ii) government representatives and policy-maker from most African countries.

The city of Dschang is a safe city located in the Western region of Cameroon . As well as the whole region, this city contains many valleys through which fine rivers flows are interrupted by waterfalls. It offers up a rise of round-topped mountains and a unique temperate climate in Africa with average annual temperature of 25 °C. The beauty of the area is completed by the richness of its craftsmanship: clay pipes, earthenware, utensils, figurines, copper masks, stools decorated with beads and the Bamileke dancers in their picturesque costumes.

Warm welcome to all!

Ignas Tonlé K.
Chair of the Cameroonian Crystallography Association (CCrA)
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemistry
University of Dschang,
PO BOX : 67 Dschang, Cameroon
ignas.tonle@univ-dschang.org / itonle@yahoo.com

ICSU and IUCr policies

The Organizing Committee of The First Pan African Conference on Crystallography(PCCr1) will observe the basic policy of nondiscrimination and affirms the rights of scientists throughout the world to adhere or to associate with international scientific activity without regard to such factors as ethnic origin, religion, citizenship, language, political stance, gender, sex or age, in accordance with the rules of the International Council for Science. At this conference, no barriers will exist which would prevent the participation of bona fide scientists.

Importants dates

  • Call for Papers and Registration opening: 1st February 2016
  • Regular registration deadline: 31st August 2016
  • Irregular registration deadline: 15th September 2016
  • Bursary application deadline:31th May 2016
  • Bursary and announcement: 16th July 2016
  • Abstract submission deadline: 31st May 2016
  • Announcement of Selected poster for presentation: 15th June 2016
  • Final programme : 16th June 2016

Chairman: Prof.  Roger Tsafack NANFOSSO, Rector of University of Dschang, Cameroon
Co-chairmen: Profs. Ignas Tonle, Jean Ngoune, University of Dschang, Cameroon

Chair of the scientific committee: Prof. Claude LECOMTE , University of  Lorraine, France

Advanced crystallography course organized in the University of Dschang (26.02 – 03.03 2012)

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The Organizing Committee

Dr. Patrice KENFACK
 Secretary of the conference
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Dschang, PO BOX: 67 Dschang, Cameroon
Phone: (+237) 677 48 55 98 ; (+237) 696 81 84 86, pakenfack@gmail.com / patrice.kenfack@univ-dschang.org

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