The city of Dschang

Dschang is a historic city located in the western region of Cameroon. Mainly occupy by the “Bamiléké” people; the city as the whole region is well safe.

The city has a dynamic demography which result from natural growth but mainly related to the presence of the University of Dschang which attracts thousands of new students every year. The results of the recent General Census of Population and Housing (RGPH) provide for the city a total population of 120,207 inhabitants with 63 838 in the urban area and 56 369 in the rural.

The relief of the town is made up of alternating hills and valleys. This gives the town the privilege to have three agro-ecological zones (low, medium and high altitude) with high agricultural potential. Climate throughout the city is an equatorial monsoon climate, a unique in Africa with average annual temperature of 20 °C. This participates to make the city of Dschang as a privilege destination for tourism and holidays.

From a biogeographical point of view, the city of Dschang belongs to a forest zone but the man by his activities has replaced the vegetation cover by bushland. However some forest galleries still exist in sacred places, marshy areas, and at the foot of the waterfalls.

The fauna of Dschang is mainly poultry: University of Dschang, Climate Center, IRAD and Sacred Heart Mission are some favorable ecological niches where we meet: birds, pigeons, doves, sparrows, "pheasant". In some localities in rural areas, one certainly meets some birds, but also many other animals.

Some tourist attractions include:

  •      The Mami Wata Falls 22 km and 45 minutes from the city in the neighboring village of Fongo Tongo

(A mermaid legend "mami wata" would live there and come out occasionally to seduce a man and then prevail in the depths to become her lover. This siren is the benefactor of the village Apouh, worship visited him every year).

  •      The “Musée des Civilisations du Cameroun” just located 100 meters from the University of Dschang.

This museum presents the civilizations of Cameroonian and therefore African people and their evolution in time under the

-          historical perspective: The Origins of Civilization, migration of peoples, their installation, their current tangle ...

-          Under the ethnological and sociological angle: through their artistic and architectural creations, their rites and beliefs

  •      The chiefdoms of many villages around the city of Dschang (Foto, Bafou, Foréké, Fongo-Tongo ...).
  •      The market of Dschang and its exhibition pavilion of contemporary artists.
  •      The magnificent panorama of mountain landscapes
  •      The municipal lake, reservoir lake created in 1960, with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 40 hectares, located near the headquarters of the French Alliance housed in a colonial building from the German time
  •      The craft center, opposite the Central Hospital.
  •      The Bamileke dancers in their picturesque costumes

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