Posters and talks


  • Poster size : the recommended maximum size is 840 x 1200 mm (width x height)
  • Material needed to hang the posters will not be provided.
  • Poster boards will have the same number as the abstract in the conference program.
  • Poster sessions are split up into two sessions scheduled as follows:
    • Thursday 06 October 2016 (11h00) to Saturday 08 October 2016 (12h00) for the first group,
    • Saturday 08 October 2016 (12h00) to Monday 10 October 2016 (18h00) for the second group.
  • Authors are kindly asked to respect their poster numbers and this schedule
  • 2 prizes for best posters will be awarded in each of the following categories: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geology


Participants are encouraged to apply for oral presentations in one of the seven sessions of the PCCr1 meeting.

  • There will be a desktop PC with a CD/DVD drive running Windows XP and Office at the podium of the lecture hall. It is connected to a data projector.
  • Each sêaker is recommended to test-drive his presentation 24 hours in advance.
  • Speakers must have their presentation loaded and ready to go at the start of the session.

Please our abstract should be submitted in the format of this template pdf dist

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Dr. Patrice KENFACK
 Secretary of the conference
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Dschang, PO BOX: 67 Dschang, Cameroon
Phone: (+237) 677 48 55 98 ; (+237) 696 81 84 86, pakenfack@gmail.com / patrice.kenfack@univ-dschang.org

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